Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sacre blue

In my view the French national football team are arrogant, self centred and selfish, which is behaviour I see all the time here in France.

Don't get me wrong, we have met some lovely, kind and generous French people, but from time to time you see these attributes, particularly from other drivers or simply from people standing in groups blocking paths or supermarket aisles. So why would anybody be surprised?

The national team only display the same attributes as the rest of the nation and before anyone suggests that I'm xenophobic, I don't have any good comments about the England team either.

The team I've liked the most so far are the North Koreans. They got hammered by Portugal the other day but it didn't stop them running and trying hard. OK, so they were probably playing for their lives (literally) or for the well being of all their families, but try hard they did.

Lets see how France perform this afternoon.


Boris said...

Exactement, mon ami
It's interesting for me to compare supermarket etiquette now that we're back in the UK and there is no doubt that the French shop the way they drive! No blocked aisles here thank God.
Goodness knows why that bothered me in France but it did.

Miss Brodie said...

Arrogant, self centred, selfish ...human failings in any nation, n'est-ce pas?
As for the supermarkets, where on earth do you shop? :)