Sunday, June 13, 2010

Confused of France

Our family is very European. I'm half English, half Italian because I have an Italian mother. Jan is English.

Jan's eldest, Ben, is married to a Spaniard and my son James (they are staying with us at the moment) is married to a German.

That means
mes braves that for the first time ever I will be supporting Germany when they play Australia this evening. Family solidarity and all that.

This also raises some other interesting permutations. I will support England against any team except Italy, because Italy will kick their collective arses, my mother will send the boys round at the hint of betrayal (son or no son, it's an Italian thing) and I really do like to be on the winning side. I will also support Spain or Germany against any side except England and Italy.

Got that clear? Must lie down now cos I'm confused and I've got a headache.

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