Monday, June 07, 2010

Max the magician

I knew that something was amiss when I noted Minnie wandering backwards and forwards as we were watching television. She appeared to be unhappy.

My first reaction was that she wanted to go out but, as the back door was open, I dismissed that thought.

I looked around for Max. He wasn't in any of his preferred places and I wondered where he was. Jan, who was obviously feeling very lazy, wouldn't get up to check it out but eventually she did and then returned, interrupting my viewing, to say that he'd 'gone.'

Reluctantly I got up from the settee realising that to find him would need an expert touch. Needless to say I was first to see him, outside, at the front of the house.

How on earth had he got there? We'll never know. The house is literally ring fenced to keep the dogs in and others out. None of the doors or gates were open.

It has to be said that Max never fails to surprise us. We consider him to be the brighter of the two of them. When on a walk he always walks in the shade. In fact he walks from shady spot to shady spot. Minnie, the very amiable but dopier of the two, runs around in full sun.

I was reminded of how clever animals can be when I saw this video courtesy of Will.

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