Saturday, June 19, 2010

And your favourite is?

I walked past the television this morning which was showing Saturday Kitchen. The guest of the day was Cherie Lunghi who admitted that one of her all time favourite foods is buffalo mozzarella.

"I like her," I said, "I think she's pretty, she's got a nice body and she's always getting her kit off on television."

Jan, looked amused as she said, " so that's it, a woman who likes buffalo mozzarella and gets her kit off, gets your vote." Very perceptive is our Jan.

Anyway, shortly after, I got a call from Bryan. "I'm in a hurry," he said, "what's the French for oats?" After I told him he rang off.

I guessed that he was talking to the nice lady that plies her trade in a lay-by not too far from here.

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