Friday, June 04, 2010

Dope on a rope

You know you are getting old when you start falling to bits. Over the weekend, whilst eating a piece of bread, I noticed that I had a mouthful of tooth. I'm quick like that. Half a tooth had sheared off leaving behind the central core which comprised mostly old filling.

That's the second tooth to break within twelve months. It's quite dispiriting really. I had my first crown last year and it looks like the second is coming up.

But, on a brighter note, I was in Occitane last week with my mate AJ buying a soap on a rope (one of the few places that does it) when the sales assistant gave me a free sample of '
energising moisturiser' (you obviously look like a mug! - Ed). Well, I spread a little on my face this morning and you know what, it did absolutely nothing.

Still, as I leave for the dentist this morning I feel very energised and moisturised.

It's all very expensive and dead posh but you know I'm worth it!

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