Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Uncle Nino

After spending all day ferrying folks around (sort of an international taxi service), I needed a pint, so we drove out to The Radcliffe Arms in Folifoot.

Mum, the oldest person there by a mile, ordered a
triple gin and tonic, much to the barman's amusement, Jan a double and I had a pint of Sam Smith's bitter.

Anyway we were sitting there and mum started to talk about Italy and her adored, long dead brother Nino. Uncle Nino is something of a family legend having made it from humble beginnings to president of the Italian Court of Appeal but, I also knew that he was a bit of a rogue.

By the time of this part of the conversation I'd had a couple of more beers and as mum was in a good mood I said that 'yes he was a bit of a rogue, I'd even met his girlfriend.'

Mum's reaction made me think that maybe I'd said too much. The saintly Nino was being maligned.

Mum's reaction was one of horror. She asked me 'if I'd met the scarlet woman,' and I said. 'yes, she lived nearby.'

Again mum wasn't happy. 'There's no way he had a girlfriend in Foggia,' she said. Jan looked away, thinking that I'd taken things too far.

After a short silence my 86 years old mother piped up with, 'he had a girlfriend in Naples, but never in Foggia.'

God, how we laughed.

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Boris said...

A triple gin and tonic?! I'm very much liking your mother.