Saturday, May 01, 2010

A more sensitive male?

I was right in the middle of trying to persuade Jan that the new medicine that I'd been prescribed this week had to be taken as follows, 'Three times a day after sex.'

No matter how hard I tried she just wouldn't listen. I was getting nowhere.

As if from the gods, a message from Carolina arrived. It contained
this link. What it said was that I could buy a nose spray that would put me more in tune with people's feelings.

Well, that's great. If all you need is a nose spray to get you laid then I'll get some. (I think you've missed the point - Ed)


Jan said...

It's a pity it takes a nasal spray to make men vaguely empathetic - or even human!

I'd like to spray a few politicians in the UK at the moment.

Carolina said...

Yes, Jan, but to spray politicians you'd need an airplane, like those they use for pesticides!!!!! ;o) xx