Wednesday, May 05, 2010

France Telecom

Whilst I worry about posting regularly, I have to say that it's not something that the vast majority of the blogs I read seem to worry about. With the exception of 'me ol' mate Boris' who tries hard to have something fresh and interesting to say (no pressure C), the rest are failing miserably.

Anyway, like Boris, I have a France Telecom story. A week ago today I installed a Livebox for a friend. The phone line associated with the box didn't work and never worked. Eventually yesterday, by ringing the English language helpline (my French isn't bad but when it gets technical it's easier for me in English), I managed to get hold of a technician who immediately understood the problem and offered a correction by lunchtime today.

He called as agreed and by late afternoon the line was working perfectly.

It's a little like how I feel about France, the organisation isn't so good but you can find charming and helpful individuals.

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Boris said...

Thanks for the nice comments Alex. Not sure about the interesting posts - a bunch of drivel most of the time!
I agree with your sentiments; when you meet a helpful person such as your experience (and mine today), it almost makes life worthwhile.