Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A pain in the arse

Bloody pools. If I had any idea how much time, effort and money was involved in running a swimming pool I'd definitely have thought twice about installing one.

For some reason the margelles (the tiles around the edge of the pool) had started to disintegrate so they've had to be replaced and, at the same time, I emptied the pool and gave it a deep clean.

That then meant that the paving around the pool had to be jet washed because it looked grubby. If you add to that the ongoing weekly maintenance and cost, (don't underestimate the cost of running a pump for hours over the summer), they're a right pain in the arse.

As Jan will be only to pleased to tell you the only time I use it is when it's boiling hot and I want to cool off but even then I don't swim (cos swimming would make you hotter) I merely walk around.

Still, on the upside, there's nothing like a bit of naked late night swimming. Whilst not beautiful to behold, it can be quite invigorating. (Enough, that's too much information - Ed)

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