Saturday, September 05, 2009

Back to normal

It's amazing. Just like a switch has been flicked off. It's not exactly cold, but 29C is much more palatable than a hot and humid 35C. It's as if someone has decided that now that the tourists have gone home the locals can enjoy more pleasant weather.

And sleep. I'm even sleeping with a light cover over the bed. All toasty warm in the morning, not sweaty, gasping for breath (there's a joke there somewhere) and deciding how little I would do that day.

And warm showers. I can't remember when I last had warm showers.

This is my kind of weather, I'm a happy bunny.
And the picture? Well, I searched under 'warm weather' and this was the first picture that Google displayed. You figure.


Barb in North Carolina said...

Two words.
Oh. My.

Weather here is utterly splendiferous. Pleasant during the day. Low humidity.
Ceiling fan and open windows at night. Ahhhh, I do so love autumn.

Oh. crud, is that a tropical disturbance off Cape Verde?

Check back with me on 11/2, the day after hurricane season ends.

Alex said...

Point taken.