Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Vote for your MEP

We can vote in the European election tomorrow and, until today, I hadn't seen any literature. Along with many others I'm sure, I couldn't give a stuff about the European parliament and hadn't given it much thought. I treat it with disdain and all the MEP's who ride its gravy train.

Anyway, in our postbox today there was a piece of literature asking for support. It was on behalf of Europe Ecologie. My initial reaction was to put it in the round filing cabinet under my desk but something grabbed my attention. On the front were two photographs that I recognised. The first, and biggest, was José Bové and the second was Daniel Cohn-Bendit who I know has a home around here because I've seen him in the Saturday morning market in Sommieres.

As followers of French politics will know, JB has served time in prison for, amongst other things, burning down a MacDonalds restaurant northwest of here and for old farts like me you may remember that DC-B almost brought the then French government down by organising student riots in 1968.

So there you have it. If you thought that by voting for the ecologists, you were voting for jolly, airy-fairy, open-toed sandal wearing idealists with a flower in their hair, and a peace on earth attitude, you'd better think again.
Having said that, if you don't vote for them, they might know where you live!

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Chris said...

The fact that they've sent you a letter hints STRONGLY that they know where you live....I know who I'm voting for!