Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hola from Barcelona

Hola from a sunny Barcelona. We're on doting granparent duty with a visit to see Kate (and, oh yes, her parents Ben and Paula) and, whilst we're at it, savour a bit more of this lovely city.

Talking about savouring, we had a great Thai takeaway last night. I know, I know, what the hell are we doing eating Thai in Spain. Well, let me tell you, we crave good Thai food because it's impossible to find in our neck of the woods, so when Ben said that he knew a great little ma and pa type business nearby, Thai it was. Excellent.

This morning it was off to the zoo but on the way we got a message saying that we were looking at a 40 minute queue just to buy a ticket so we passed on that and decided to meet up with them at Cal Pinxo, down on the seafront, for lunch. Great food and great atmosphere. A very good choice and recommended.

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