Saturday, November 08, 2008

Why can't I just say no

A definite downside to all the rain recently is a lack of general exercise (and an increase in slobbing in front of the television - Ed). So it was a welcome relief yesterday to get some tennis in. Having said that, Chris, Delphine and the lovely Scarlett popped round for aperos during the evening and, determined to undo all the morning's good work, Jan and I got stuck into a few bottles of our current favourite vino. Bum. We are so weak willed.

As we set off for the market this morning I was determined not to drink wine and only drink coffee. Fat chance really. Peter H dusted off his wallet and bought us all a big drink and then, after more sensible people had gone home to their loved ones, continued to have Jan and I in stitches with very funny tales of his in-laws. Thanks Peter, it was a good crack.


Carolina said...

It's nice to see Ed again!!!!

Alex said...

Ed says hi.

Mark said...

Michele made a massive lemon cake yesterday. Needless to say its all gone........bloody weather!!