Thursday, November 06, 2008

I don't care where you bought it

It rained again his morning so Jan decided to sort out our wardrobes. Sorting her's out is easy. Keep everything and just rearrange where it goes. She has clothes in her wardrobe that she hasn't worn for 3 years or more! My clothes, on the other hand, had to be 'tackled'.

After she had been sorting for 30 minutes she started to berate me with sentiments like, 'you have clothes that you didn't even know you had' and 'some stuff you haven't worn for years'. Words like pot, kettle and black sprung to mind but given that I was getting my clothes sorted out for free, I bit my tongue. I've certainly got a bit smarter over the years.

Out came the bags with all the winter stuff in, which were emptied, sorted and the clothes put away. These bags were then filled with all the summer gear. What a huge pile of clothes (I never knew I had). Given that I tend to wear the same thing every day for five days, it will take me 193 years before I get round to wearing the awful rust brown pullover that my mother bought me 3 years ago. Yippee.

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