Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Your Highness

Hi, it's Jan here. While my lord and master is runing an errand for me I thought that I'd surprise him with a post of my own.

I was prompted to do this because it's Prince Charles' birthday today and that made me think about his lordship as well because they both have so much in common. Think about this:

Both were born in the same year.
Both feel they were born to rule.
They both like being waited on hand and foot.

They both have ambitions above their station.

They both like toothpaste being put on their toothbrushes.

They both like the best of everything.

They both have expensive tastes.

They both have had two marriages.

They both have children brighter than them.

They both fancied Diana (for a while).

And their differences?

Charles is a king in waiting

Alex is a dictator in waiting

Charles dresses very smartly all the time

Alex dresses very scruffily all the time
Charles talks rubbish

My beloved talks sense (well, sometimes)
Charles likes wearing uniform
Alex has a penchant for women in uniform
Charles wears kilts
Alex wouldn't be seen dead in a skirt
Charles has big ears
Alex has neat ears
The ears do it! All in all, I think I'll stick with Alex!


Ann Trim said...

Whether it was Jan or Alex who actually wrote the blog, it was fantastic!!

M said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Ann Trim.
It's brilliant.