Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A fish called Colin

I was chatting to Bryan this morning about the fish counter at our local Carrefour supermarket (see what life gets reduced to after three days of rain) and we agreed that it wasn't very good. We (Jan and I) like fish and would like to eat more but we have never got to grips with the fish that is generally available here in France. This led to me asking Bryan what the fish Lieu is. He didn't know.

So Jan and I were in Carrefour this afternoon and whilst passing the frozen fish cupboards Jan shouted, "look at this packet, Lieu is the same as Colin. I guess that must be Coley." Puzzzled I said, "Are you sure, I think there's a fish called Colin?" At which point Jan doubled up.

Anyway to confuse matters further when we got home we did some research and established that according to the packet in the supermarket, Lieu = Colin (in France) = Hake (in England) and Hake is known as Merlu (in France). Lieu Noir (in France) is known as Coley (in England) and Coley (in England) is also known as Pollock.

And to make matters worse, whilst researching an image for Pollock, I came across the rubbish above. Confused? My head hurts and I wish I'd never asked! At least there's some football on tv tonight!