Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shut up and eat

We had various jobs to do today so we split up, Jan to the shops in Harrogate and me to Ripon. I arrived back at mum's, before Jan, with the idea of taking a thirty minute break to read the papers before heading out to the shops to pick Jan up.

As I walked through mum's door she said, 'have you eaten?' I said, 'yes thanks, I grabbed a sandwich.

'Ah well then you'd better have some soup,' she said.

'Mum that's fine, I don't need anything else but I'll happily warm up some soup for you,' I said.

'Oh, yes please, there's some nice brodo in the fridge and I've got some ricotta and porcini stuffed tortellini to go in it. I'll make it for both of us.'

It's no use arguing, if you want a peaceful life you just shut up and eat.

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Jean said...

I do admire a man who has the sense to do as he's told.