Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giddy with excitement

The day just got better and better. First, because we had a large bed surplus to requirements and, wanting to replace the minuscule one that mum had, we had the new bed and bedding delivered to her house.

Not only was the old bed small but it was also ancient and uncomfortable (a bit like you - Ed). It was my bed from when I lived at home (bloody hell, it was that old - Ed) If you didn't mind bed springs poking you at every turn you could just about get a nights sleep on your own, but with two of us in it, not only was it uncomfortable, it was a big struggle not to fall out. I have spent many a night literally hanging onto the side, clinging on for dear life as Jan decided to invade my territory. Very restful - not.

But tonight mes braves I will sleep the sleep of the just.

Secondly, later in the evening, giddy with the excitement of the forthcoming nights sleep, I found a place to park right outside the fish shop.

Life just doesn't get any better.


Jean said...

Forgive me for not paying attention and this may be a stupid question, but are you moving back to Yorkshire from France, or is the French house just a maison secondaire? Feel free to tell me to MMOB. Jean.

Alex said...

Hi Jean, the overall plan is to move to Yorkshire to be near my mother who needs a bit more help in her old age. We can't move fully just yet because the dogs won't fulfil the importation requirements until the end of February next year. We have sold our house in France and have now moved into temporary accommodation awaiting the final move in February. We have bought a house in Ripon which we are moving some stuff into rather than pay storage costs.
Your question reminds me of the times that Jan and I have watched a film for three hours and at the end look at each other and say what the hell was all that about?
This will require some concentration on your part so please keep up!
Thanks for reading all this rubbish it's much appreciated.

Craig said...

Ah Alex.. there's rubbish and then there is rubbish.
Your rubbish is certainly of the superior kind.
Is there snow in Ripon? None here yet thank goodness.

Alex said...

Hi Craig, yes we had snow this morning. Quite a bit of it but it didn't last too long. I'd forgoten what it was like and boy was it cold. I think that there is more due tomorrow. Anyway, we received the second instalment of our stuff today and now the house (the one in Ripon Jean, keep up) is full of boxes. We can hardly move. God knows where it will all go.