Saturday, November 13, 2010

French delicacies

In the land of haute cuisine you'd think that I'd be shovelling some beautiful French delicacy into my fat face at every opportunity. Not so mes braves, because the thing that I crave each Saturday morning, beyond everything else, is a kebab from the land of kebabs or, more to the point, 'the kebab shop' in the Place du Marche in Sommieres.

What a sublime delicacy, salad, tomato, onions (very healthy - Ed) and lamb with two shots of both 'white sauce' and harissa. Just hot enough to make your mouth tingle and as you finish that last mouthful, wiping left over sauce from around your mouth, you have to say, 'shit, that was good, I can't wait until next week.' Or words to that effect.

I bet your mouth is watering.


Chris said...

Sorry to break this to you Alex but kebabs here haven't contained lamb for quite a few years; now it's almost always veal and/or turkey - check the notice up somewhere behind the counter telling you the meat's origin, as they're obliged to show it now. And which will tell you that the meat's kosher.
Still delicious mind you, I LOVE it. Oh, and Lidl sells frozen doner kebab meat too, just along from the mars bar ice cream freezer

Craig said...

Pass the statins please.

Alex said...

Ah, that rare French delicacy, the two legged, winged lamb. As I watched the guy carving the 'lamb' I mentioned to Bryan that the meat looked very pale. As with all things in life, the evidence is right in front of you. You just have to look and think.