Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mixed emotions

A day of mixed emotions. When I dressed this morning I managed to get into jeans which are a size smaller than normal. This , after stuffing my face in England for a week. Yippee. The female in me said that I am losing weight through worry and stress and the male in me said that I am ill with an incurable cancer, or at the very least a man cold. We shall see.

The first thing I do each morning is check my email (to see who has written to you in the middle of the night, you idiot – Ed) and noted that we had no internet. This is a bit unusual but not impossible so I shrugged it off and left for Nimes to return yesterday’s broken television.

As I was leaving the village I noticed that the phone lines had been cut in several places and my first thought was that France Telecom were finally burying the cables and hadn’t done a very tidy job at removing the lines. Not unusual for workmen around here, but having said that, it did look very strange.

Anyway, Boulanger were very good, took a quick look at the television and offered an exchange. I deferred and bought a different make with a small price difference, all no problem.

On the way back I tried to call the house to let Jan know what had happened but could get no reply. This started to smell fishy so I popped round to the Mairie to tell them what I’d seen only to find a big note on the door to say that the phone lines had been stolen in the middle of the night (have you seen the price of copper?) and they would be fixed later in the day. Great, that means no phone and no internet until FT get round to reconnecting us all. Still, the TV worked fine when I got it home.

Around 17.00, FT had reconnected the village. Sometimes I can't help but feel it's a bit third world around here.

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mpprh said...

Might be able to put my hands on some copper, if you need it ?

Comes in rolls of heavy duty wire.