Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hero or zero?

That was one long drive. Home to Brighton in one hit, a journey time of 14 hours. Normally we stay the night somewhere but macho man was under instructions, by the boss, to 'go for it'.

Altogether it was a clear run with snow flurries in the south of France but generally the roads were clear and dry. For the whole 1175 kilometres the temperature barely got over freezing.

The only time it got really uncomfortable was near journey's end. I started to sweat because the fuel was running low. The needle was well below the empty sign. Anyway we limped to a service area and filled up. Grief, the tank holds 76 litres and, guess what, I put 79 litres in. It must have been running on fumes. Having said that, getting 79 litres into a tank of 76 is my new record (78 was the previous record). Does that make me a hero (no, a prat - Ed)?

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