Saturday, March 27, 2010

The French health service

The difference between the English and French health service was further highlighted yesterday. I now have Jan's horrible violent hacking cough, so I decided to visit the doctor.

'Sorry doc', I said, 'I realise that this is probably viral so not much can be done but can you give me anything to mitigate the cough?'

He checked me over and concurred that it was viral then proceeded to prescribe a whole bagful of medication. The most important of which was a mains powered nebuliser that I use twice a day to get a mix of stuff (cortisone) into my lungs to reduce the inflammation and stop me coughing. It worked immediately. Excellent.

The care and attention to detail is second to none.

If only the French could drive as well.

And, before you say it, I know that I'm looking younger!

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