Monday, March 15, 2010


The last few days have been really hectic with little or no time to update or even get internet access.

Back to last Thursday. At lunchtime, we met my daughter Cara in London. She has just returned from a six months tour of Africa and is now trying to settle back into some sort of 'normal' life.

Later that afternoon it was over to Chiselhurst to stay with Holly and AJ and eat dinner at Due Amici with the lovely Laurie and John. What great people. AJ was, as usual, in sparkling form. Just great hospitality.

Friday it was back over to Brighton for lunch with Rebecca after which Jan babysat whilst I took the train over to Eastbourne to have dinner with my old mate and coaching partner, Rob.

Saturday, Jan's son Luke came down from London and we exited en masse for lunch at the Ginger Pig. (I feel tired and bloated just writing this!)

Saturday night we tried to relax, pack and get psyched up for the journey back the next day.

Throughout all this, Jan has suffered with a hacking cough and cold and has been feeling very poorly. By the way I've now got the cold (man flu) so who's going to look after me - he said bitterly.

A few special mentions, in chronological order:

Thank you to Pauline and James for letting us use their house as a hotel and looking after us so well.

Welcome home (safe and sound) to Cara.

Holly and AJ, thank you for your very kind hospitality and for reminding us how nice Laurie and John are.

Rob it was great to see you again, thanks for the chat. Had forgotten how easy it is to sort out the world's problems.

Rebecca and Josh thank you for looking after Jan on her birthday.

Luke, thank you for travelling down to be with us all on Saturday.

I think that's it, and sorry if I've missed anyone out.

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