Friday, April 09, 2010


The thing I hate most about blogs is when they aren't updated regularly. I can't tell you how quickly I remove a blog from its current folder to archive when that happens. So in that vein you have no idea about the angst I feel when I don't update my own.

Finding something interesting or funny to say each day can be a real pain in the arse. So why do I do it and why do I care? That's an interesting question (only for you - Ed). I've written most of what I feel about living in France (and what I had for breakfast is hardly very interesting) so finding France related issues becomes more difficult. Funny is also difficult. It can be very personal and something I find funny one day might not be so funny the second (that's because you've already heard it you bozo - Ed).

Anyway, that's why I appreciate the blogs that are updated daily or at the very least frequently. So thank you to those that do.


Boris said...

Alex, I can relate!
And for the record you never disappoint us regular readers.
Well, almost never.
OK well maybe sometimes.
If I'm being honest, then pretty often really.

Miss Brodie said...

Well done on the writing regularity ... I can't even keep up with reading!

Alex said...

Boris and Jean (I hope you don't mind me calling you Jean) thanks for your comments. Boris, that gave me a good laugh, so now I am going to tell you what I had for bloody breakfast!

Barb in North Carolina said...

Still enjoying your blog after having stumbled upon it two years ago. It's really sort of like spying on a neighbor without having to actually peep through the window blinds.
All of us lead lives that are sometimes interesting or humorous or boring. I just find it comforting to read about someone who drinks more wine than I do.