Sunday, April 04, 2010


After a deluge last night I wondered whether today's calcotada would actually go ahead. It did.

With fourteen friends and family, calcots were first on the menu, followed by roast lamb and all the usual trimmings.

Ave had brought some excellent Spanish wine which, as I write, is still working its magic (if you get my drift). We had four different wines, three excellent ones from Rioja, Ramon Bilbao 2006, Vina Salceda 2006, Auctor Seleccion 2005 and, everyone's favourite, Torres Atrium Merlot 2008, from Penedes. Excellent.


Andi said...

Hello there, found you through A Taste of Garlic and was wondering if you have another post that explains what calcots, I am intrigued!

Alex said...

Hi Andi

Calcots (pronounced calsots) are explained here
It's getting to the end of the season now so no more until next year. Actually it's the romesco sauce that makes the calcots so tasty. There are lots of recipes for romesco but of course ours is

Andi said...

Ah, I now remember seeing a episode of Le Petitrenaud with that! Looks so yummy!