Saturday, January 16, 2010

Use your brain dingbat

Further to Craig's rant about French customer service, Jan went to the Post Office in Quissac this morning to pick up a parcel. She handed over the slip, asking us to pick up a parcel, that had been left in our box by the postman and showed her ID. The intrepid postal clerk set off into the nether regions of the office and came back to say that they didn't have a parcel. Jan stood her ground, we had after all made a special journey to pick up the bloody thing, and off he went into the back again.

He came back with a parcel and said, 'this is addressed to Jan T, at your address but your ID says Janet T.' She smiled sweetly at the imbecile, sighed and said, 'yes, that's me!'

What planet do these people live on?

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Boris said...

Well, I for one think that Jan looks a bit like a terrorist and so the postal clerk really can't be too careful.