Friday, January 08, 2010

Jan of the Arctic

Well, that was a first. Somehow I missed the signs. The other day Jan said that she wanted some new snow boots (I vaguely remembered that she had unsuccessfully tried to buy some last year). But there was more to it than a bit of retail therapy.

This morning we woke to a few centimetres of snow and, as we were due in Nimes at 11.00, off we jolly well went. In times gone by, Jan would have been burnt as a witch.

It turned out that the snow in the village was nothing like the depth of snow as we approached Nimes, there it was much deeper, and, for the first time here in France, we followed a snow plough into town. Yes, a snow plough! Goodness knows where they'd been keeping that one. It's not like we get much snow around here, maybe every other year, for a morning, then it's gone. Good effort chaps.

Having said that, the plough hadn't done the return journey so that was a bit trickier. Needless to say your intrepid polar explorers made it back safe and sound. Back to the last of the turkey soup. So that was two good things accomplished this morning.

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