Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daily frustrations

I continue to be very frustrated about the inability to look at various web sites. Since the 6th January I haven't been able to update my anti virus or look at half the sites that I normally look at on a daily basis. Under the expert suggestions of computer guru CW I've tried lots of things but the problem remains. I don't think that I've got a virus, I'm a bit anal about keeping all that up-to-date, and have scanned the computer but nothing shows. Sites in France seem to load with no problem but UK sites are are hit and miss at best. The BBC ( hasn't loaded since 6th. I've swapped out the router, also to no avail. All very strange and very frustrating.

Anyway, is it me, or does anyone else get fed up with the 'tables' that seem to appear regularly in the media. Take this one, the best ten dinner plates. What the hell is all that about. I find it difficult to understand why a so called quality broadsheet like The Independent comes up with such rubbish.

I was once described as a younger version of Victor Meldrew, which surprised me, but I'm beginning to think that it might be true.


Tomorrow Me said...

A younger Victor Meldrew? You're not that young.

Bob Walder said...

I'm surprised at the "younger" bit too.... :)

Alex said...

Look, I'm not paranoid but why is everyone always getting at me?