Monday, October 26, 2009

Don Carlo Gnocchi

Mum was in seventh heaven this morning (excuse the pun). She and Pia were watching a combined live broadcast from Milan cathedral and the Vatican (with you know who) concerning the beatification of one Don Carlo Gnocchi. It’s well documented that this priest did lots of good works with disadvantage and disabled children, so good for him. However, the poor guy’s glass coffin was sitting outside on the steps of Milan cathedral whilst lots of prayers were said, and hymns sung around him, in front of a cast of thousands.

I’m a failed Catholic. To be honest, I’m an atheist, but I was brought up with all this ritual and I now watch with nothing more than morbid curiosity. We all have the right to worship our god and I would never comment. Each to his own I say. Still, mes amis, putting a stiff on display to be gawped at by one and all is a bit rich.

Having said that, he’s now Saint Don Carlo Gnocchi. He sounds like someone out of The Godfather. What a great name. Cool.
I’m going to be called Saint Alex of ‘Arrogate (Given that saints are normally deceased, you get my vote now – Ed).

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