Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Each time I visit the diabetes consultant, he checks my weight using a no lie 'balance' scale and I keep him sweet by keeping my weight under control.

For a some time now I've questioned the accuracy of the bathroom scales I used to measure my weight. They had a tendency to read exactly the same weight week after week (they were probably at their limit - Ed) so I got an elderly set from Ikea working but they never agreed.

So which set was right? At least the weight on the ones from Ikea varied a bit so I trusted them a bit more.

With that in mind it was off to Nimes to get another set yesterday. How posh is that? A three scale bathroom (more like, how anal is that? - Ed) and bingo, today I got two of them to read the same weight. Sorted.

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mpprh said...

I suggest popping in to the pharmacie in Boisseron. Conveniently, it is very close to the Rose Blanche restaurant !

Their scales have the lowest reading I've found around here !