Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's all Bing Crosby's fault

There I was listening to the BBC news about problems with the cold and snow in northern France and trains getting stuck in the channel tunnel, when they moved to a similar piece about snow problems in England. That made me think about my mother and how she would slavishly try to get to church this morning despite all the warnings about making unnecessary journeys.
Anyway, the weatherman then mentioned a white Christmas. A white bloody Christmas! England gets six inches of snow and comes to a grinding halt. Who the hell wants a white Christmas? What is this continual fetish about wanting a white Christmas.
It was alright for Bing Crosby sitting in his centrally heated studio warbling on about some mythical, fairy tale snow covered setting. What about the reality. I blame Bing.

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Wendy said...

6 inches of snow? *snorts* Make that 2 inches and they're all falling apart. Makes me laugh.

You are so right though - what is so darn special about a white christmas?