Thursday, March 19, 2009

A call to arms

It's been nearly two months since the last one so I think that I'll go on strike today. I'm not sure exactly why or what I can seriously hope to achieve but I fancy a day in the sun, hate that Sarko and, as lots of others are doing it, then maybe I should as well?
As we all know it's the perfect answer to dealing with all our economic woes. While we're at it we could have a bit of a riot. Please understand, it's not me that wants to riot, it's those idiots that have hijacked our demonstration but hey, it could be fun!


Lesley said...

Hi Alex, while on strike take a look at the newly launched GOOGLE maps - street level. You might get to see what the GOOGLE van (that you saw recently) took pictures of!

Alex said...

Lesley, thanks for that. However when you're on strike I didn't think that you could anything other than walk in the streets, wave a banner and have the odd punch up. I can't keep up with all this change.