Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blow your house down

One of the biggest mistakes you can make regarding the weather around here is to ignore the strength of the wind. Last summer we covered the poolside fence with bamboo to dress it up a bit. We don't get that much wind but the bamboo created a sufficient wind barrier that with one strong gust it ripped the steel fence from its moorings and brought the fence down.
Anyway, last Friday, whilst fixing the fence using heavy duty electrical equipment, Abderrahman blew a fuse (or something) in the pool house. Bum, even though we are not likely to use the pool again this summer it still needs to turn over until I cover it for the winter. A few days without disinfecting and the algae will come back and I've got a much bigger job on.

I made a call to electrician A late Friday afternoon and, needless to say, he hadn't called back by Monday afternoon. Another call to electrician B, Pierrot, late Monday, got him here first thing this morning, Tuesday, and he had it fixed within minutes.

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