Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Jan and I agree on most things. I suppose that's all part of the attraction, living together and harmony process, but we struggle when it comes to shoes. She likes quite a lot of what I suggest but I really struggle with her suggestions. She likes shoes like these, but to wear them successfully you have to have a beard and vote LibDem. Me I like much more macho stuff, more like the ones above. Anyway, we were in a shoe shop in Nimes the other day and for the first time ever she suggested a pair of shoes that I liked. Bingo! I've got them on.

Still, there's one thing that we always agree on and that's where to eat. Aux Plaisirs des Halles is tucked away, in a side street, close to the indoor market. In fine weather you eat outside in a small but attractive courtyard and we have never been disappointed with the lunch menu. Aux Plaisirs des Halles, 4 rue Littre, Nimes, 0466 360102. Recommended.

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